crying for dollars

let’s stop the insanity. there have been two commercials during this interminable oscar show that have made me bawl my silly eyes out.

first the american express jobber where the guy has to leave whatever foreign country he’s in so he can hurry back to his ballet teaching girlfriend and give her some super rad necklace.

then this last disney one. where the couple are celebrating the anniversary of when they met and she’s whining that he forgot. then he hands her a shoebox. she whines about getting shoes and is just being generally bitchy when he tells her to open the box.

she opens it and there is a glass slipper.

begin waterworks, choke on jellybeans.

i am such a sap.

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  1. jodi 24.Mar.02 at 10:53 pm

    jc penney and the jacksons just got me again with the “i’ll be there” while the girl grows up.


  2. tyson 25.Mar.02 at 2:30 am

    heh, commercials get me too sometimes. the mastercard card one with sammy sosa and mark mcguire from 1998 kills me.

  3. hoopty 25.Mar.02 at 12:18 pm

    I was all set to cry last night. What happened? Nada…totally dry. Woke up this morning with crusty boogers.