And all the people merely players

We sat at the table nestled underneath the bulletin board, next to the Pepsi machine.

I was trying to enter in all the bowling tournament scores while Sister #2 and her husband bowled in the tournament. Try as I did, I wasn’t too successful. Jaycie and Max insisted on helping me. We spent about twenty-five minutes watching Jaycie type her name. Over and over and over again. She’s actually pretty good at it. But watching someone type j-a-y-c-i-e at the pace of one letter every two minutes isn’t so entertaining.

Max wanted to type his name but he’s not so good with his letters yet. So we just watched him do this: xxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXxxxxXXX. He’s really good with that x.

In my attempts to be a good babysitter and Aunt, I got them potato chips and pop. I figured that’d keep them occupied long enough for me to do my data entry. I don’t know how one adult can be so wrong.

They sat on either side of me with a small plate of potato chips and a cup filled with 7-Up. That’s when the play started.

Max kept handing me his cup and then saying, “Say thank you, Gopher.” I’d take the cup and say, “Thank you, Gopher.”

Then Jaycie would say, “Don’t you feed THAT BEAR!”

Then they’d both burst into laughter and we’d have to start all over again.

“Say, Thank you, Gopher.'”
“Thank you, Gopher.”
“Don’t you feed THAT BEAR!”

Ad nauseum.

After repeating the scene 492 times, they tired of it. But then Jaycie decided we should talk about my nose ring.

“Why do you have an earring in your nose?”
“Because i think it looks cool.”
“I dunno, don’t you think it looks cool?”
“You don’t?”
“No. I would never put an earring in my nose.”
“You’re supposed to say right on.”
“Yeah, Grody Jodi you always say right on,” Max added.
“Right on is only for good stuff.”
“Nose earrings aren’t good stuff?” Jaycie asked.
“They’re fine stuff,” I said, “but only if you think they look cool.”
“But it doesn’t look cool,” Jaycie said.
“Right on!” Max screamed.

Sometimes it terrifies me how much these kids are like me.

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  1. I am Will. And I am highly amused. 18.Mar.02 at 5:56 pm


    That made my Monday.

    They have to be the coolest kids in the history of everything.

    “right on!” max screamed.