the great ones steal

it seems someone has been giving poor jo unending shit about allegedly “stealing” designs.

for some reason this reminds me of my advanced creative writing class. in that class i wrote some really, really, really lame poem about a girl haunted by the mail. yeah, i never claimed to be a poet (even though i tried my damndest to be one). at one point i used the line, “more a father than a lover.”

professor peg wrote on my poem that “more a father than a lover” was actually a quite famous line by a quite famous poet whose name i cannot remember and who i’d never heard of.

i was mortified, then the delectable tom, who i had a crush on said something to the effect that good writers copy, great writers steal.

and i just blushed.

i just tried to find the poem that i had written in the big book of bad writing, and i couldn’t find it. i did find this and a bunch of other stuff like, “Image of Black Manhood: Reactions to Malcolm X,” “Thoreau and Civil Disobedience,” “Setting the Color Line a Review of The Souls of Black Folk,” “Dick and Jane, Shirley and Pecola’s Role in The Bluest Eye“.

yeah, some good stuff there.

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