[insert sensual sax solo]

my best intentions were waylaid by a pair of C batteries. see, i was doing really good. i cleaned my entire bedroom, that even includes putting clean underpants in the dresser and dirty underpants in a hamper.

i vaccuumed, i took out garbage, i ran the dishwasher– but still there is more to do.

however, i didn’t do it all. i could have done it all, but i didn’t. see, i bought new batteries for my vibrator as a reward for actually going grocery shopping.

i was doing pretty good ignoring the high-powered possibilities until i set about to cleaning the kitchen and found that shiny, 2-pack of C-sized energizers on the counter. being the neat, clean, organized and mature adult i am, i set about to putting them away promptly.

however once they were put away i had to test them.

then there was the afterglow and heartrate returning to normal stuff that is just so tiring. plus there were candles lit because i want the room to smell good and there was ryan adams on the stereo and that hazy january type sunshine flooding the room and well, i couldn’t resist a nap anymore than i could resist the new batteries.

so i napped and the rest of the house is still a mess and really i haev a lot of writing type stuff to do tonight.

so the rest of the house will stay a mess. i am beginning to think that if i didn’t have a sex drive i might be the most mature, responsible, cleanliest adult in the whole wide world.

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  1. Josi 07.Jan.02 at 12:11 am

    i have to agree a thousand trillion percent with your last statement. damn my hands!