cherry pie

my eyes have begun to vibrate ever so gently inside of their sockets. my entire insides feel sorta jiggly and my mind is racing roughly 94,281 miles a minute.

i blame this on the extra large turtle mocha i had for breakfast and the extra large caramel mocha i had for lunch and the diet pepsi i had for desert.

again, i feel like agent dale cooper and that i should be talking into a tape recorder to diane.

have you ever seen twin peaks?

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  1. Carol 27.Dec.01 at 1:23 pm

    Twin Peaks is the best. And I am a very, very lucky girl because I got the first season DVD set for C-mas!

  2. Kevin 27.Dec.01 at 4:43 pm

    I looo-ooove Twin Peaks. I have them all on tape. I want the DVD too! How is it?