slippery suckers

holy hannah!

i had my first ever winter wipeout today. it scared the piss out of me and thankfully nothing crashed and nobody was hurt and the ditch was avoided.

i’ve lived in the mid-west for like 99.9% of my life. i’ve been driving for 13 years and today was the first time i ever lost complete control of my car.

i was on a side road about to enter my parents’ neighborhood when the car wouldn’t stop and the next think i know i am spinning around and around and around and heading towards another car.


it doesn’t help that sister #4 just had her head-on collision with a tree, i kept looking at the ditch and the fall off and wondering how much it would hurt if i fell off the road.

but i didn’t. i stayed on the road and the car coming in my direction saw me spinning in enough time to stop well-away from danger.

it scared the bejesus out of me.

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  1. heather 28.Dec.01 at 5:20 pm

    you’ll never be as fearless on slippery roads again. well, okay, *i* certainly haven’t been since my 180 in the snow.