i’ve got spirit yes i do!

so my plans for the day have gone somewhat awry. initially i was going to be becky hom-ecy. cleaning, cooking, what have you. but then i took a nap that got a little out of hand and didn’t rise from my bed until 5:30. there went most of the afternoon.

but maybe it could still be salvaged. i had planned to make homemade chicken noodle soup and as i was chopping up the carrots and celery for my masterpiece, i realized i forgot to buy noodles (and i am much too lazy to get dressed againa and venture out to the store to get noodles). i was gonna make a quick change at the last minute and make some dumplings and have chicken dumpling soup, but i can’t quite remember when i bought the flour that’s sitting up in the cupboard. better safe than sorry, i thought so tomorrow will see a hot batch of homemade chicken noodle soup.

but tonight will be spent in a most unjodilike fashion, watching football. it’s the prepbowl here in minnesota and my alma mater is playing in the finale. yes, the mighty, mighty bengals from Blaine are facing off against the something, someones from Hastings.

i remember a night, just like tonight 13 years ago. boarding a bus with sister #2, jodi hanson and hundreds of other bengal fans headed toward the metrodome. we were to face off (i know that’s a hockey term, i am not an idiot) against creighton derham hall. it was a nail biter of a game. we managed to win on a two point conversion in the last seconds of the game. good ol’ tommy newman.

13 years ago. . . wow! i still remember that night. remember crying as the clock ticked down sure we’d lost. i remember the thrill of winning. of gathering in the fieldhouse after riding the bus back to the high school and the pepfest that ensued.

i wasn’t the most rah-rah-rah high school student ever. but it was fun, winning.

it reminds me of one night in college. it was a friday or saturday night. for reasons i can’t remember i was out with the guys: lafrenz, goetz, doug, greasy weasel hamil. we were sitting at a booth in the balcony of The G.I. Talk turned to high school and whose high school was better. poor weasel boy was stuck, he was the only one from milwaukee. the rest of us from the suburbs of minneapolis/st.paul, which meant high schools that competed against each other.

i don’t know how the argument started or ended, but i do remember that at one point the four of us were shouting our high school songs at the top of our lungs.

yeah, i am pretty sure the general consensus agreed that Blaine was in fact, the very best high school in the state of minnesota.

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