in my life

so the world has lost another beatle:George Harrison dies at age 58. it’s sad when our artistic heroes die.

i fell deeply and hopelessly in love with the beatles when i was a freshman. i remember living with my family in that old house on Court Street. I had a teeny, tiny room that was really a GIANT closet. so really, the sisters and i we shared one gianormous room.

i would drive down to the Chippewa Falls library and check out all the Beatles records. yes, the records. then i would bring them home and tape them. i would listen to the songs over and over and over.

sister #3 hate the beatles to this day, because of me. she knows all their songs by heart, but hates them. she’s one of those people who needs complete, utter silence when she sleeps. i like drifting off to music. since we were a democracy and sisters #2 and 4 didn’t mind, we’d listen to the beatles tapes– over, over and over again.

so we all know the beatles songs by heart. today as news of george harrison’s death spread i know my sister will think of that odd room we all shared. we’ll remember falling asleep in wisconsin and listening to the beatles.

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