didn’t even see that coming

i’ve embarked on cleaning out the cess pool once again. sort of a fall cleaning before the winter sets in and i go into hibernation.

during this unsavory process, i happened upon a bunch of old disks and cds. i popped them into oberon to see what was hiding there.

youch. sometimes it’s best to let sleeping dogs lay (lie?).

it’s funny too that i should do this today. yesterday at lunch, paige was discussing how she just doesn’t keep a lot of junk. she throws it out. she doesn’t need those past reminders of who she used to be. she knows the person she is now and the person she wants to be in the future and to her that’s all that matters.

pack-ratters andrea and i were aghast.

but right now, in this stomach-turningly, near-tears state i can see paige’s point. because really who needs to keep around reminders of men who decided you were not worthy of their love? men who made your heart beat goofy and made you glow? blech.

i am deleteing the file pronto and will not, i repeat WILL NOT e-mail him to see how he’s doing.

really, i won’t.

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  1. Calli 22.Oct.01 at 6:01 am

    I’m a pack-rat, too. Such a dangerous thing at times. I completely understand what it’s like to be cleaning and then come across something that reminds you of someone who you really don’t want to be reminded of at the time. On at least one occasion I’ve taken a ‘break’ from cleaning out old files and disks to sit and curse the words and memories that are sitting on my screen. I’m still a pack-rat but there are things I intentionally don’t save anymore. And probably more that I shouldn’t but still do. Deletion can be a very good and cathartic thing.

  2. optic 25.Oct.01 at 4:30 pm

    i keep most of those things; i just don’t look at them. some day they will be useful for my memoirs, or for the definitive multi-volume biography of me that’s written after i die. yeah.