gimme two pina coladas, one for each hand

nobdoy likes a weepy, sloppy drunk. even though i am not sure how sloppy drunk i am, becaue really i only had 3.4 beers in two hours. maybe that’s really a lot of beers, i can’t seem to remember. but we had gobs of appetizers and really there is not excuse for a big, giant of a girl like me to be this weepy drunk after only 4.3 bbers, now is there?

but i am weepy and drunk and i think it just hit me when i walked in the door and took off my shoes. the being drunk thing, tht’s what hit me. adn anyway, what kind of pathetic woman is drunk and at home by 8:30 on a wednesday night?

what kind of pathetic woman is not only home by 8:30 on a wednesday night but drunk and sitting in fromt of her laptop with one eye open, closing the other one to focus typing as fast as she possibly can because hse wants to get down all the stuff that is in her head before it falls away in some sort of drunken haze?

i’ll tell you which kind of pathtic woman does that, my kind. and even though i was crying like a little girl like 4 mintues ago i am the damn good kind of woman.

i am!


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  1. Skattie 28.Jun.01 at 10:11 am

    It’s true.

    But then, you didn’t need any of us, your groupies, to tell you that…

  2. scooterboy 28.Jun.01 at 12:01 pm

    listen to the sad song yet? how bout the robot one? wheee!