artgeek boy

last night i dreamt about artgeek boy from work. i have had a pathetic schoolgirl crush on artgeek boy for ages. It’s one of those crushes where you never even talk to the boy but just crush from afar. this is one of those crushes that would never, ever happen, for two reasons:

1.) artgeekboy is about 22 years old

2.) artgeekboy has been dating the owner of the company’s stepsister for ages

but i still secretly pine for the adorable artgeekboy. he’s got all this dark curly hair and it’s all messy. actually, he looks more than a lot like a hip version of ernie from my three sons. he strikes me as the most unpretentious artgeekboy in the history of the world. he’s just so damn adorable i want to squeeze him all the time.

so, i dreamt about artgeekboy. we were on some silly cruise with all our coworkers. we were getting hammered and having a grand old time. in the dream our plan was to go back to the room and fuck like bunnies. only we didn’t have our own room. we had to share our room with like 8 people. it was a huge room with 4 pink satin-covered canopy beds in a row. it was really strange.

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