come aboard, we’re expecting you

hello darling ones! soon, i will embark on a cruise around one of minnesota’s 10,000 lakes. if i knew the name of this one, i would surely share it with you. this cruise is in honor of softarecompany’s 10th anniversary. wahoo! i think i would be much more excited were i not so gall-danged tired. i am nearing a state of exhaustion i haven’t felt in quite awhile. once this glorious event of sun and water is complete, i plan to go home and take a nap. yes, i will nap away a lovely friday night– mostly because i can and it will be great fun. then i will get up and do stupid stuff that i have been meaning to do for ages but haven’t found the time to do. please try to hide your envy.

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  1. mickmars 18.May.01 at 1:05 pm

    there’s no way that goofy state has 10,000 lakes.

  2. andrea 18.May.01 at 1:52 pm

    yeah, it actually has MORE than 10,000 lakes!

  3. paige 19.May.01 at 11:32 am

    They’re all over the place! Jodi, I wonder if it was Lake Minnetonka – that’s the one my department cruised around last year. The houses are phenomenal – like the 37,000 square footer! Holy mackeral!


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