slugs anonymous

hi, my name is jodi and i am a giant slug. yes, my day has consisted of napping, practicing by myself and sitting on the couch. i did jaunt to the gas station to get some caffinated reinforcements, but promptly rushed home in fear that my spot on the couch would get cold.

not that i feel too incredibly guilty about this. you should see the weather here today. it’s perfect slug around ubraed in a t-shirt and underpants day. wahoo! sometimes being an adult is so fun. i think i might have some ice cream for lunch.

being so lazy has made this sunday seem endless, which is good. next weekend will be just as unproductive because i will get my new bed on friday and you’re some sort of insane if you think i am not going to be spending a lot of time getting used to it.

of course, i will accept applications from anyone who wants to break the new bed in with me.

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