for as long as i

for as long as i can remember i’ve been in love with the radio. it’s a love affair that started when i was in about 6th grade. i’d sit alone in my bedroom at nine o’clock hoping to catch the top-9 at 9. i’d sit perched on the edge of the bed finger poised above the record button waiting for my favorite song. ahh. . . but radio hasn’t always been nice to me.

the eau claire radio, where i went to college, was crap. total crap. though i did spend one summer avidly listening to a classic rock station. . . mostly because they liked to talk about me. yes me, i spent a summer in infamy after writing a scathing review of paul revere and the raiders (it’s a long story). so yes, eau claire radio was pretty much crap, ace of base and hootie hell. then i discovered the college station. WUEC. i loved it. mostly i loved it because i knew the people coming over the airwaves and they always played music i like. sometimes they’d even dedicate a pearl jam tune to me. but sadly. . . the plug was pulled on WUEC. an evil radio-professor-man changed the format to light-jazz. yes, light-jazz. hoo boy, that’s a story to tell.

with WUEC gone, my life was again radioless. but then i graduated, moved home and discovered Rev 105. i was in heaven. this was the best radio station of all time. they played the replacements and the suburbs and husker du. they were always introducing local music. i was so happy to find a radio station that not only played soul coughing, but championed their music. i believe more soul coughing albums were sold in the minneapolis/st. paul area than anywhere else on earth. so yes, i loved Rev 105. it was the high point of my life then. i was working at a gas station and would spend 8 hours a day listening to the radio. oh, it was a happy time with me and the radio.

then one day i went into work and they were playing metallica. i didn’t think much of it, because sometimes the rev was a bit goofy like that. metallica was followed by stone temple pilots, so i didn’t worry too much. but then there was some schlocky metal, some skid row and some other crap. i was scared. i dialed up the Minnesota Broadcasters Association. “what in the hell is going on with Rev?” i asked the poor sap who answered the phone. i think he mumbled something about a format changed before he hung up on me. what the fuck? my sisters were immediately on the case. watching the news, checking the internet trying to find out what happened. it was big news, the death of Rev. funny enough, shortly after rev was booted off the air i was called to take part in a radio survey. i told them how i was boycotting all radio since rev was taking off the air. the lady chuckled and said i wasn’t the first person to say that.

so months down the line they realize the heavy metal 105 just ain’t working and they change it back to an alternative station. i am leery. i didn’t want to get attached to Zone 105. i’d been dogged by too many radio stations. but brian oake. . . i couldn’t resist him. he’s so funny and a genuine fan. he introduced me to so much music. plus his all time favorite teacher was mr. bunker. i had mr. bunker too! i loved him. so the zone lured me in. then when mary lucia joined brian on the morning show i was hooked. she’s a fucking laugh riot. she reminded me so much of my best friend jodi. plus mary comes from a good family (the sister of mr. paul westerberg). and well, on a daily basis they’d have me laughing like a goon all alone in my car on the way to work. plus they played some rad music. soul coughing, sugar, the replacements. . . and that teenage dirtbag song i love so much. mmmm. i was hooked and happy and my radio jones was fulfilled.

so you can imagine my dismay when sister #4 called this afternoon. i was sitting at my desk making some transparent gifs when my cell phone rang.

“jodi, i hate to tell you this but zone is off the air.”
“are you sure you have the right station? i listened to it on my way to work this morning.”
“yes, it’s 105.7 and it’s playing some sort of disco crap.”
“i called ericka and she said she was getting the same thing.”
“i don’t believe you i think you’ve got the wrong station.”
“ericka said you’d be crushed.”
“ok, i am going to leave work now. i will call you when i listen to zone and hear that you are wrong.”

she wasn’t wrong. it is some sort of disco-bullshit. again, i am crushed.

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