we’ve got a soul coughing

we’ve got a soul coughing triple threat on the cd-player. if those three discs can’t shake the funk out ain’t nothing gonna help. ruby vroom is by far my favorite of the three. mostly because that’s the one i discovered first. when it came to soul coughing i was an early adapter (for the first time in my life). usually i am the last one on the bandwagon. but my favorite bar in college used to play there guys all the time. it was in constant rotation at the g.i. and i fell hard. actually when soul coughing broke up i was quite crushed. i dig doughty’s skittish stuff, but it’s just not soul coughing. i challenge anybody to listen to any song off of ruby vroom and not fall in love. it’s just that damn wonderful. i have all sorts of warm fuzzy memories wrapped up in soul coughing. they hold a permanent place on my top-5 of all time list.

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  1. Wes 01.Mar.03 at 2:54 am

    haunting you, the ghost of soul coughing past.


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