tomorrow’s the big day. i

tomorrow’s the big day. i have my interview with the head of marketing. i am trying my best to stay calm. ol’ bill told me to be myself and everything will work out fine. i am hoping to call on my inner reserves of confidence. sometimes it pops up when i least expect it. also, wonderboy said he’d do a bootie dance at 1:30 in my honor. and who couldn’t use an honorary bootie dance?

why on earth am i watching the e.r. again? i hate this show. it always makes me cry. blech! i don’t have much to say today. i am preoccupied and a bit melancholy. so much on my plate, i need to learn how to relax. i can feel the tension knotting up in my shoulders and i can’t seem to make it go away. i am sure i’ll feel much better after the interview tomorrow.

so, i call on you again my gentle readers. i need your good vibes or karma or prayers or bootie dances. if i get this job, i just might burst with joy.

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