the patio door in my

the patio door in my apartment faces out into the parking lot. i’ve been sitting here updating my hawaiian punch in cocktail glasses column and looking out the window.

it’s a grey day out there and it looks to be pretty cold. but i’ve seen a lot people come and go this afternoon. so far i’ve witnessed:
a man leave carrying a garment bag and a jar of what appeared to be bacon bits.
a semi-cute boy come in carrying a veggie tray and 12-pack of bud light (he’d of been a lot cuter had it been a case of leinies and he knocked on my door.
an elderly couple come in carrying what looked like a pink and white striped victoria’s secret bag.
one of prior lake’s finest back into a parking spot and leave his lights on. come into the building clipboard in hand. my breath caught in my chest as i waited to hear a knock on the door and i sat here wondering about anything i could have done recently that would warrant a visit by the cops. 7 minutes later mr. officer came outside with a teenage boy in tow. they walked to the cop car– the drivers side (which is blocked from my view by a wretched mini-van) then they walked to the passenger side and the boy was put in the back of the car. then they pulled away. a man in a green stocking cap was trying to rubberneck it and see who was in the back seat. in the process he walked into a tree-branch and fell on his ass (yes, i laughed).

i’ve come to the conclusion that i really need to leave the apartment and soon.

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