someone obviously forgot to tell

someone obviously forgot to tell reporterboy that today was spoil jodi day. because instead of spoiling me he decided to break me. what a fuck. “oh, i’m sorry,” he says. “this is all my fault. you’re so wonderful and all but i just really am too scared to start anything. yes, i will kick myself for this and i know you have to hate me blah, blah, blah i really wish you the best your a smart and beautiful and magical girl and i just am at that point in my life blah, blah, blah, really, i am sorry.” so yeah, now i am all crying and heartachey and it just makes me wonder if i am so smart and wonderful why doesn’t he want to make the time for me?

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  1. tom 22.Jul.03 at 3:21 am

    I think that guys are too hung up trying to get girls to see their side of things. Guys want girls to think that they are always in the know. This is because in a guys eyes girls want to be with someone who is smart and knowledgeable. Guys are scared that if a girl doesnt think he is all of the above they may lose interest. Its not that guys dont think their girlfriends are smart and beautiful its just that they are so busy trying to look good to their chics they forget they sometimes need to tell her these important things. (and mean it). I haven’t given my girlfriend a propper kiss for ages and it is the one thing that she really loves. anyway I dont even know where this message is going. from tom frith