so, i’ve had a history

so, i’ve had a history of strange crushes. it probably started in first grade when i had a hankering for sean kendall. i often get crushes on men that most women don’t. some of my traditional obessessions have been Matt Dillon (and when i say i love matt dillon everyone thinks i am talking about Matt Damon), Paul Westerberg and John Irving.

my newest obesession is Tim Russert from NBC’s “meet the press.” i *heart* tim. it all started election night. sitting next to tom brokaw (whom i also love) with his little dry-erase board trying to figure out the electoral college and which way it would swing. ol’ tim was just giddy with the chaos. it was adorable. anyway the whole point of this little diatribe, is that i have decided i am going to marry a republican. yes, i am. i just watched “meet the press” and i love the interaction between the ragin’ cajun James Carville and his republican wife Mary Matalin. So yes, i want a republican in the worst way.

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  1. Mick 02.Dec.02 at 7:48 am

    i need to know as much about matt dillon as i can, could u please help me.

    thank you,


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