super-productive girl

yes, i am back working the graveyard shift. will this week never end? i swear it’s been at least 924 hours since it was monday. of course, now that i am whining i realize i have about 9653 things to do before the cowboy gets here. i hope tonight goes very, very slow and i that i am super-productive girl.

i am most excited to get home and watch the democratic convention. i’ve missed most of it thus far. conventions are mostly a bore. the republican convention made me want to hoark. i don’t understand the sudden need to bring glory and pride back to the military. why? are we under some great threat from canada that i don’t know about? isn’t that military money better spent elsewhere?

i didn’t know what to think of McCain’s speech. i felt bad for the poor guy. i struggled with it. i couldn’t determine if he was a giant hypocrite or if he was supporting bush because he honestly believed it was for the greater good. politics is such a puzzle. it fascinates and sickens me all at the same time. it’s sorta like an episode of cops. i just remember when Clinton was first elected. oh, i was so excited. it was the first time i ever got to vote. i was doing my part, i was having my say. i was so naive. i think i was all of 20 years old.

i remember the electricity in my “ideas of political tolerance in western political thought” class following the night clinton was elected. all our fresh scrubbed shiny faces so eager, because this was the man we elected. someone who was our parent’s age, not like our grandparents. we were so excited. we thought he was gonna change the world, we were gonna change the world.

but then bill got caught with his pants down and politics became nothing more than a late-night talk show joke.

now i can barely remember when the convention is on. it’s not like i am busy. i had never even heard of lieberman (‘sides crazy brad lieberman) before Gore choose him. ack! i used to be so aware. i remember being a cocky sophomore in a sociology class. oh, i was so pretentious. the prof. asked me who i’d be voting for in the next election. i, in all my 6 credits of political science major, say, “it depends on who clinton picks as a running mate.” i wanted him to pick gore. Gore appealed to my tree-hugging sensibilities, even though tipper’s PMRC-bullshit still burns my first amendment-loving soul.

but now, Gore seems like everyone else. they are all just shades of grey. all oatmeal. i want someone with spice and flash and brains (not like jesse, the guv). in the breakfast club ally sheedy’s character says, “when you grow old your heart dies.” i am afriad, that where politics is concerned, my heart has died.

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