Hi Darling Ones,

I am very cranky today. This says a lot, because my normal demeanor includes a lot of low-level crankiness. Today, it’s extra super very.

Can I list off all my reasons for crank? Of course I can. This is my website. I can do what I want.

I’m not gonna though. All the things making me grouchy are the average things that make everyone grouchy. Broke. Busy. Got a summons for jury duty when I JUST had a stroke. My Aunt Tete died.You know the drill.

Besides, I don’t want to tell you all about my derelict cervix even though my mom already told everyone down at The Windmill (BFK’s restaurant).

I continue to be a tsunami of bummer.

However, yesterday I had my second awful eye treatment and it was moderately less awful. I did not faint and the doctor was happy that my eyes are showing improvement. My vision is still garbage, but not as garbagey as before.

Time & patience, right?

–insert 572 barf emojis–

And the best thing, besides the not fainting, is my floaters are already gone.

Do you know about floaters? Have you experienced them before?

They are a trip. Basically they are air bubbles in your eye and you can see them. I did my best to recreate what my floaters look like (see image at the top of this post). They are black circles that are transparent in the middle. When you move your eyes around, the floaters move around. Sometimes they reconfigure themselves giving your vision a kaleidoscope affect.

It’s a trip, man. At least I think it is. I never did LSD because I believed Nancy Reagan and didn’t want a scrambled egg brain. Little did I know there’s more than one way to get brain damage.

Anyway, my floaters are gone and I am cranky.

Love & lollipops,

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