The Abject Cruelty of Living in Unceasing Unprecedented Times

Hi Darling Ones,

I slept in this morning because there’s been some stuff going on and I’m tired. I woke up in 1972. Fuck.

As you know, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. So not only did I wake up in 1972 now we live in the United States of Forced Birth & Gun Violence. I don’t know if the depths of my despair can get any deeper.

For months now I’ve been talking about how I have zero hope things will get better. I do not believe any form of government on any level in the USFB&GV (formerly known as the USA) will do anything to stop suffering. Instead, they are hellbent on making things worse. I know the cruelty is the point.

When my sisters were here a few weeks ago, we listened to Matthew McConaughey’s remarks at the White House regarding the Uvalde massacre. As McConaughey talked about the coroners staying up all night to try to identify the bodies of little kids, I burst into noisy sobs.

“I can’t take the unending cruelty. This country inflicts so much pain on everyone. Everyone.”

It’s so fucking hard, Darling Ones. How do we keep doing this?

This dumpster nation makes things worse and worse on a near daily basis. Things are so bad in the grande scheme it makes trying to deal with our tiny, individual tragedies impossible. Where do you focus your sorrow and your anger when everything is awful all the time everywhere?

As I am typing this I got a text from MN Governor Tim Walz asking me to donate money in the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned. It’s fury on top of horror on top of sorrow over here. The worst kind of sandwich.

I was hopeless before I woke up this morning in 1972, and now I need a new word for that.

And now, because the cruelty is never-ending, I need to go work. I need to build stupid little websites and write stupid little copy so I can pay to continue living in a country that doesn’t think I’m capable of making decisions regarding what happens inside my own body. I need to do the work to earn the money because we cannot for one single second take time off to acknowledge our own humanity and how fucking broken everything is.

Your favorite fury (Allecto, unceasing in anger),

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