First Ever JCSG Quarterly Superlative Awards

Welcome to the first ever Jodi Chromey Supergenius Quarterly Superlative Awards. I’m your host, Jodi Chromey. We’re hoping some day to get Maya Rudolph to do these awards because she should host all the things forever and ever throughout eternity and on every plane of existence known and unknown.

Until now, you get me. I created these awards because work was kind of boring me today and also because I’ve read a lot of book thus far in 2019.

I’d like to take a break to thank the sponsors of so much reading: a nasty bout of depression and February 2019 in Minnesota. Without them I could not do what I’m about to do.

Here’s a thing you should know about the JCSGQS, I’m going to make up categories as I type and put roughly 39 seconds of thought into each award granted. That’s what you get when your sponsors are depression and shitty weather. If the Nutter Butter people ever want to pony up some cookies or dough, I’ll glad take it and up the thought process to about 90 seconds.

So without further ado. . . here we go.

Oh. Wait. A little more ado. This quarter all the award-winners are gonna be books because that’s what inspired me while I was bored doing work. If there’s another round of awards next quarter (who knows? I may be bored with this by then. I’m fickle.) there may be broader categories. I make no guarantees.

Book I most want every one to read right now already

daisy jones and the six Obviously. Weren’t you paying attention at all yesterday?

The oh my god I’m a giant dummy. Oh wait. No, It’s just that history education in the US is a fucking sham award

the heartbeat of wounded knee

There was so much of this book that was brand new information to me. At first I was ashamed, because shouldn’t I have known all this before right now? But then I remember that history education in the US (at least for a GenXer like me) went something like this:
1. Columbus sailed the ocean blue
2. Pilgrims!
3. Washington crossed the Delaware and threw tea into a harbor, maybe. Revolution!
4. Civil War
5. Depression
6. WWI
8. Vietnam/Woodstock/Kennedy/Civil Rights
9. Nixon Resigned
10. The End

The lives up to its beautiful cover award

Queenie This one is a beauty inside and out.

Noped right out on page one award

I put this one aside when on page one the female narrator goes to a bathroom, looks in a mirror, and then starts describing herself and uses the phrase “would never be called skinny.” I said, out loud, oh hell no, and promptly returned the book to the library. Dudes, stop writing women like this. For real.

Very good books I also read but I am getting bored with making up categories right now and I have to get back to work and so just read these you will not regret it

The Poet X, probably the most beautiful book I’ve read so far this year.
On the Come Up, better than The Hate U Give, which is saying a lot because THUG was a great book.
Thick: And Other Essays, I think about this book every day. Super smart. Very informative for white people who want to do better.
90s Bitch, I read this book two months ago and I argue with it in my head at least once a week.

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  1. Heather Logan 05.Apr.19 at 3:42 pm

    The rss version of this post doesn’t have the book links/images, so I was very confused adn thought ALL the awards were going to Daisy Jones.

    1. Jodi 06.Apr.19 at 10:30 am

      To be honest, Daisy Jones is so good I could give her all the awards!


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