I Re-Upped & Other Anxiety Tales

The one nice thing about working all the time is that I haven’t freaked out and lost sleep about paying my mortgage in months. The bad thing about working all the time is everything else. I never write for myself anymore. I don’t blog (obvs). I’m super boring because all I do now is work, think about work, and watch Supermarket Sweep on Buzzr while shoveling salad into my face.

I keep having anxiety dreams where I got a “real” job and forget to go to it and I’m worried they’re going to fire me for forgetting to come to work. Also, I recently dreamt about hamsterspiders, which were hamsters with giant, furry spider legs (eight of them). You’re welcome for that image.

Also, I’ve been up since 5:30 this morning. Not because of work anxiety, but roofing anxiety. They’re re-roofing Supergenius HQ and all the townhouses in the development. I was worried I’d oversleep the alleged 8 a.m. start time and get busted bareass in bed as the roofers climbed past my bedroom window.

Though I needn’t have worried because they started making noise around 6 this morning with the beepbeepbeeping of the supply drop off vehicle and then the setting up of the ladders and then shimmying up and down the ladders. And, well it’s been a very loud and hammery day here. If I were smarter I’d have gotten up and dressed and out the door to hole up in some coffee shop while they worked. However, I am not smarter. My brain operates at 30% on anything less than 6 hours of sleep.

In other news, I shaved my head again last week. I went way, way, way shorter than Ben did when he first shaved it on Easter — live 4 millimeters shorter, which is way more than you would think. When I was done, I had enough hair to make at least two hamsterspiders (sixteen legs and all).

I’m not quite ready to grow it out yet. First of all, I’m still not sick of rubbing my hand all over my nubbly head. Second of all, it’s so nice not having hair. I think I’ll keep this look through summer and spend the winter looking like a Monchichi.

What else? What else?

My dad got us all flowers for Mother’s Day, or as I liked to call mine “You never procreated but I still love you flowers.” He’s gotten adorably sentimental this year.

This morning Jaycie sent me a Buzzfeed quiz: What % Jessica And What % Elizabeth From “Sweet Valley High” Are You?. It’s kinda bullshit though because Jaycie & I got the exact same percentages — 51% Jessica and 49% Elizabeth, and while that might be true for her I’m 100% Elizabeth.

As I type one of roofer guys is hauling two boxes of shingles up the ladder to the roof and it’s so scary that I can’t even look. I’m waiting for one of those men to fall off that ladder and die in my bushes.

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