So I Did a Thing

Since the last time we were together I’m down a tooth and all my hair. These incidents are not related, but they both happened.

I start every month solemnly vowing to myself to be a better, more consistent blogger. Each month that vow seems to last for roughly a week, then it all goes out the door. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say. It’s that I don’t make the time to say it. I’ve been struggling with work/life balance in 2018, which is kind of a surprise considering I work from home. But here I am working until six or seven every night and then sitting in front of the TV swearing at the dummies who play Supermarket Sweep.

In fact, I was swearing at Supermarket Sweep and eating dinner when I felt a tooth crumble in my mouth. It was like every single nightmare I’ve had where I lose all my teeth. I just kept spitting out tooth chunks. I was convinced that I had lost a filling. I was wrong. It was, in fact, a wisdom tooth gone bad.

But, Jodi, you ask. Didn’t you already have your wisdom teeth out? YES! Twice. I had one removed when I was 20. Two (I think) removed when I was 31. And I guess I had one more floating around in there just waiting to ruin my High School Hockey Tournament Viewing Party.

This story is boring I will give you the highlights: Emergency oral surgery on a Thursday; friends & family over for the game on Saturday; half my face swelling so much I couldn’t open my right eye; being convinced my hole was infected and I was gonna get some sort of brain disease despite the only symptiom I had for infection was that it felt weird and squishy; giant pieces of tooth working their way out of my wound and through my gums in the most painful manner; worrying a piece of tooth stuck in my wound for five days and then finally pulling this out of my mouth.

And then last night I shaved off all my hair. Or rather I sat in a chair while my brother-in-law shaved off my hair. It’s something I’ve been contemplating for a long time. For years I’ve wanted to shave it all off, a sort of reset on my hair. But it’s really scary. I struggle enough with femininity being 6’5″ and fat. Being consistently mis-gendered by inattentive cashiers my entire life hasn’t helped matters. I have noticeable breasts! I swear, I do and yet Joe Target is all, “I can help you over here, sir.”

I’m really curious how I’ll feel with no hair. I mean, how I’ll feel internally. Because mostly I think my head feels really cool and I can’t believe I waited this long to try this.

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