This is How You Make a 15-year-old Feel Old, Apparently

Yesterday I had to haul out my external hard drive so I could dig up some toddler pictures of my nephew Maxwell for his senior all night party. Did you know that Maxwell is a senior in high school and will be attending UMD in the fall? Feel old, yet? Probably not, if you’re not a long-time reader of I Will Dare. But some readers will. After all, Max was like a year old when I started this blog.

So there I was, digging out a crapton of pics of little Max and shoving them onto Dropbox for Sister #2. As I ran across other cute pics that had nothing to with Max, I texted my family. Because I am a spinster aunt who does things like that.

I sent Cade, who is fifteen, a picture of him eating what is probably a regular-sized donut, but looks ginourmous because he was just a teeny peanut.

Here is our conversation.

Him: Back then everyone wore jeans 👖 😂.
Me: Yes, we did.
Him: That makes me feel old.

That’s all there was to the conversation because at that point my spirit left my body, zoomed into the stratosphere, and was all “you feel old sweet teenaged boy of my heart, born when I was nearly 30? lolollllll!!!11!!. Here, have a butterscotch candy.”

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