If you were 3, 4, or 6 this would totally make your day

I watched all three pairs of eyes widen with delight as they heard the big Culligan truck back onto my street.

“What’s that?” Cade climbed onto the La-Z-Grrl to get a good look out the window.
“That’s the Culligan Man, he’s bring fresh water,” I said.
“I need to look out the door.” Liam fumbled with the doorknob.

All three Tibbles stood in the opened door, watching as the Culligan Man magically opened the garage. Then they ran into the dining room to watch.

“Look,” Nolan said, pointing. “He’s using a wrench.”
“That’s so cool,” Cade said.
“We’re getting fresh water,” Liam added.

They stood in the dining room dancing a bit while they watched the Culligan Men replace the water softener thing.

“Thank you, thank you,” they cried as the men gathered up their tools, and then tore through the living room to get to the front door. Again they stood in the doorway watching as the men loaded up the old tank and got into the truck.

“Thank you for the fresh water,” Cade shouted from the door, waving. Nolan and Liam joined him in the waving. They leaned out the door to watch the Culligan truck disappear around the corner. Finally, when it couldn’t be seen or heard, they turned to come inside.

“That was so cool,” Nolan said, slightly out of breath.
“It was,” I said.

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  1. Jim Kunihiro 04.Apr.08 at 7:59 am

    I work at Culligan; reading your blog really made me smile. I forwarded the link to a bunch of other people that work here too. Thanks for making us feel even better about the work we do!

  2. shokkou 04.Apr.08 at 6:13 pm

    I told my two friends about the Tibbles’ reaction to seeing the Culligan man in action (not as well as you told it) and they both agreed that the Culligan man IS totally cool. Right on! That’s possibly the worst part of growing up – when a kid is all excited about a man in uniform it’s just sweet. When a grown person gets that excited about a man in uniform he/she is just a weirdo/whore even it’s just an inner four year old admiring the shiny truck and giant wrench. So unfair. On the other hand, a grown person can BUY TEQUILA! So HA! :o)

    I might’ve had a couple of shots already.

  3. Jodi 04.Apr.08 at 10:17 pm

    I think I would trade the wonder of wrenches for the tequila ability, but I might just be jaded.


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