13 Things About Rock & Roll Bookclub

  1. Nobody can remember how long we’ve been meeting. Heather thought it was gonna be ten years in 2015, but Wolfdogg & I were all “Nuh-uh” since our 10th Friendiversary was on November 4th of 5th, whatever night Paul Westerberg first played at the Pantages. According to ancient I Will Dare archives, it was probably in April 2006 when we first started.
  2. Vicky, who I still refer to as the new girl, has been a member for close to two years. Also she is a woman, but new woman sounds weird.
  3. Speaking of Vicky she likes every single book we read. All of them. She always finds something to like.
  4. “To Jodi the glass isn’t even half full, it’s broken or doesn’t exist and is trying to emotionally manipulate her.”
  5. Whenever I host I get to use all the plates in my cupboard at once and it makes me happy to know they all get used a few times a year.
  6. The other benefit of hosting is leftovers. My bookclub can cook. This month I got leftovers meatballs, homemade Chex mix, spinach dip, and banana bread.
  7. My absolute favorite part is how the junior members (these are the kids’ of the grown up members) are just as vital to the club as anyone else, and I love how they add to our conversations and their voices & point of view are given the same space and respect as everyone else in the group.
  8. We sing. A lot. Most every meeting involves a singalong and when I am on my deathbed these will be some of my happiest memories, sitting around a room with the people I love the most and singing.
  9. We actually talk about the book. Some conversations are longer than others depending on the month and how many people read the book.
  10. Speaking of, before we start talking about the book we always do a roll call of who read it. We shame the non-readers, and applaud ourselves when we all read it.
  11. We read all the things. For instance in just this year we’ve read: sci-fi, memoir, graphic novels, novels, and YA.
  12. Every month we also talk about our lives and families, politics, current events, sex, drugs, and rock & roll.
  13. Also, it is the kind of group who don’t even bat an eye when they arrive at your house and find you in pajama pants and the shirt you wore the day before.
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