Brain Salad

I’m warning you right now this is a post about two dreams I had last night. You can skip it, I won’t be offended. Dream posts really are the most self-indulgent navel-gazing. I know that. But I really like how these two dreams combined so many things going on in my actual life in a weird, absurd way.

In Dream #1, I went to McDonald’s and Jason Isbell was working there as part of some reality show thing. I don’t think I was supposed to recognize him, but I did. He had a tattoo of a small heart under his right eye. Before I ordered I told him I was on my way Mankato right this instant to see him & I couldn’t wait.

In Real Life: My new tub-time audio book is Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver which features a character with a heart-shaped mole under his eye. Also, I am going to see Jason Isbell in Mankato in FOUR DAYS!

In Dream #1: We see Jason Isbell in Mankato. We also see Lydia Loveless who in my subconscious is married to him. I die from many rock & roll joy orgasms. The concert, however, involves a weird Frat Boy skit in the middle of it, which annoys me, but not as much as the fact that Sister #4 is suddenly at the concert with me and demanding I give her the keys to Ruby so she can leave right that second.

In Real Life: Sister #4 is at the tippy top of my shitlist for reasons that involve 77 kinds of baby-sister entitlement and eldest-sister had enough of that bullshit. Also, I love Lydia Loveless and if she were to perform with Jason Isbell I would die of joygasms.

In Dream #2: Wolfdogg drives me, BFK, and Lydia Loveless back to Shakopee from Mankato. We stop at McDonald’s where I have some issues with the ketchup dispenser & I try to talk to Lydia about writing and being a woman in rock and roll. Also, I call Sister #2 to bitch about Sister #4, but she is too busy to listen to me.

In Real Life: Wolfdogg mentioned at Rock & Roll Bookclub he could drive down to Mankato with Jaycie & I for the Isbell concert. We also discussed how BFK was going to have to fill in for Sister #2 now that she’s totally abandoning me for Portland.

I have no fucking clue what was with all the McDonald’s though. Maybe I was hungry in my sleep?

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  1. Lesley 27.Jul.14 at 9:51 am

    McDonald’s symbolizes something to your subconscious mind but probably not food. Familiarity? Comfort? Safety? Maybe all that McDonald’s red and yellow represents simple pleasures or joy? I love dreams. The symbolism is often clever, and when you figure it out, quite amusing too.

    1. Jodi 27.Jul.14 at 9:54 am

      Interesting. We did eat a lot of McDonald’s when I was a kid. Like more than usual. I bet it has something to do with that.


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