The one time I made a wise economic choice

You need only take a look around Supergenius HQ to see that I spent a good portion this weekend doing my taxes. The usual dust and cat hair covered surfaces are now dotted with small slips of paper, random receipts from years past, and the stink of poor economic choices.

Speaking of poor economic choices. When I logged into H&R Block for tax preparation nonsense it asked me if I wanted to login with Facebook. I cannot imagine two sites I’d least like connected. In my head Facebook was fed a steady set of status updates:
Jodi Chromey entered a 1099 for $600.
Jodi Chromey entered a 1099 for $5000.
Jodi Chromey is claiming $418 for meals and entertainment expenses.
Jodi Chromey is claiming she bought a monitor for business purposes for $149.
Jodi Chromey’s taxable income for 2011 was $182.
Jodi Chromey owes a ridiculous sum of money to the IRS.

Of course, some jerky cousin or someone I used to know would like just about every other update.

Doesn’t just the thought of that make your stomach kind of jittery? Facebook + Tax Software are NOT a match made in heaven. What were they thinking? And what are the people who actually login with Facebook thinking?

Also, I thought taxes were due today so I spent a lot of time being smug about not waiting for the last minute to do my taxes but the next to the last minute.

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  1. Lana Baker 17.Apr.12 at 12:13 am

    There are several websites that offer a link or a way to login with Facebook, and I always wonder who in their right mind would allow the lax security of Facebook anywhere near even remotely confidential data. Taxes are definitely one of them. Congrats on that wise choice!

    1. Jodi 17.Apr.12 at 9:15 am

      @Lana Baker, It surprises me how invasive Facebook is. I don’t know why, but it does. It kind of grosses me out.

  2. Natalie L. 17.Apr.12 at 5:10 pm

    Facebook is of the devil.

    Not of the devil: I met FRANCINE PASCAL last week.


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