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About a week ago someone at The Nerdery tweeted about, and ever since then I’ve been a little bit on the obsessed side of newfound love. It helps that the very same day it was tweeted was intern Tuesday here at Supergenius HQ. The interns (Jaycie and Max) and I had a big ball of fun playing music, laming music, and generally annoying each other with our selections. Max is partial to 6-minute songs by Dead Maus which make my ears bleed. Jaycie is partial to Lady Gaga which just makes me want to listen to Madonna. Oh, and Justin Bieber but that’s more to bug her brother than anything else. I for one think that one song is adorable and catchy as hell. Viva La Biebs!

Max made our room, Minnesota Reads Official (don’t be fooled by imitators, you know if there were any). You can usually find us there every Tuesday arguing over who has crappier taste in music.

However, today I discovered another perfectly awesome use for Turntable: themed playlists! For reasons I cannot explain I decided today that I should listen to songs that are like short stories (perhaps my brain is priming itself for short-story writing class which starts tomorrow). As I was in the midst of y’arring a bunch of MP3s of songs I didn’t have it struck me to do a little turntable searching and there were all the songs I didn’t have. Brilliant!

So fun. You should give it a try.

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