What’s in your bag?

I’ll be wrangling, the Naughtiest Tibble, for the next few weeks. He’s had a few problems at the Y Daycare, so he’ll be spending time at Aunt Jodi’s Supergenius Daycare while his brothers continue at the Y. He strolled into Supergenius HQ at just after 7 a.m. sporting a robot t-shirt, a dinosaur watch, and a blue bag. He flopped the bag onto the coffee table and proceeded to empty it, showing me what he brought. The bag contained:

  • 1 red Mario hat (of Super Mario Bros. fame)
  • 1 yellow Slinky (that he got last week when Cade had to go to the dentist)
  • 1 white Nintendo DS + charger
  • 1 rainbow necklace (that he said he didn’t mean to bring but it was wrapped around the charger cord)
  • 1 tube of antibiotic ointment

As I type he is wearing the Mario hat and explaining to me about some brown guys who walk walk walk on the cliff and can’t jump, but you can which is how you kill them.

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