Googling every new person I meet

I’ve been so busy that I’m only just now getting to Googling the other students in Vodo’s writing class (two of whom have garnered the nicknames The Inquisitor and Sweet Sassy Molassy). Our first night of class was on Thursday. Also, just so those of you who think I’ve developed agoraphobia and worry, I’d like you to know that I talked to people and left the house ten out of the last twelve days. Summer brings out my social side.

But back to the Googling. A lot of the people I know think it’s weird that I Google every new person I meet. They think it’s creepy and kind of stalkerish. I think it’s weird not to be curious about the new people in your life. I fully expect every single person to Google me the moment they remember my name. Why? Because that’s what I do and what I do is perfectly normal and so other people must do it, right?

Plus, it’s weird when people don’t have a Google footprint. Hell, that’s creepier to me than someone who would randomly Google my name. While I can understand that some people are just private, I think the complete absence of a digital footprint is suspect. It makes me think you are hiding something or are deeply uncomfortable with yourself.

Besides, you can learn a lot from a Google search. Like how that one mean woman in class from a few years ago (I don’t remember her name, but I remember she wrote a strange story about a lesbian who comes back from the war in Iraq) had a really bad website with a ridiculous pun on writing for its title (I don’t remember the title of it either, which is why I’m a failure at stalking anyone for more than 23 seconds. Also I have that rule where I refuse to stalk anyone who doesn’t live on my way home from work, which is even funnier now because I work from home. However, one of the Nerds from The Nerdery is moving nearby and I want to tell him I’m amending the rule to include stalking people who live on my way home from the grocery store but I’m afraid that might actually creep him out).

Googling in Minnesota is often a lesson in futility. There’s a whole heap of Olsons, Hansons, Andersons, and Johnsons here, and I hate them all for making things so difficult on the nosy and curious.

My Googling tonight has not turned up much, a few abandoned blogs and sporadically updated Twitter feeds. Boring. I’m not sure what would be unboring, but I’m pretty sure it would involve naked photos and/or porn. Though I am hardly one to talk. If you Google me you just end up here (Hi, Googling classmates. You rule!) or at my much-neglected portfolio. However, the best part of Googling me is the related searches:
jodi chromey twitter
jodi chromey supergenius
jodi chromey amazon

I’m going to pretend that the amazon has more to do with my height than it does to do with my penchant for book-buying from online megastores.

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