Anxiously awaiting July 20th

The last time we visited our favorite Canadian Hipster doofus, he was getting in deep with Ramona Flowers, she of the seven evil exes. So deep that the couple has shacked up. What? Our favorite slacker has gotten a job and a live-in girlfriend? How can this be.

Alas, it is s. But no need to worry the Scott Pilgrim manages to make becoming a grown up totally awesome.

Volume five opens with Scott’s birthday party where he proclaims he’s going to be the best 24-year-old ever. But being 24 isn’t proving too easy for Scott. Two of Ramona’s evil-exes are back and they brought robots.


Did you just nearly faint with glee? Because I did. So there are the robots and Ramona’s head keeps doing this weird-glowy thing whenever she’s upset. It’s been glowing a lot. Especially when good ol’ Knives Chau comes around to kick Ramona’s ass. See, Knives just found out that while Scott was dating her he as also starting to see Ramona. Knives gets the best line in this book:

You stole him with with your advanced American slut technology. You are not nice!

Like Knives, Ramona is none-too-thrilled to learn of the cheating. But after getting shit-faced drunk at a party she seems to have forgiven Scott.

But for poor Scott things get worse. While Ramona showers and contemplates the future of their relationship, Scott’s BFF Kim (the drummer in Sex-Bob-Omb) is kidnapped by the evil-exes. When he returns from saving his life, Ramona tries to make a confession and then disappears. Left in her wake is a letter labeled “Gideon” and a strange cat.

The rest of the book follows Scott as he copes with his loss.

Most of Volume 5 feels a little bit like a ramp up to Volume 6 (out July 20). Kind of like how the movie Spiderman felt like it’s sole purpose was to introduce characters for Spiderman 2 where all the good stuff takes place. That’s what Volume 5 is. . . scene setting. Funny, entertaining scene-setting, but scene-setting nonetheless.

I still can’t wait for Volume 6. I’m obsessed. And terrified. I’m not sure what kind of ending will be satisfying, but I have faith that Bryan Lee O’Malley can pull it off.

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