First I got myself an electric guitar & then I made a sandwich

Nolan's song book
Now that school is out, Tibble Fridays will be spent at Supergenius HQ. Upon finishing a donut, Nolan dug this notebook out of the bookcase that used to be my Grandpa Cub’s. He sat down on the blue couch with a red pen and proceeded to fill about half the pages.

Music by Nolan

After he finished he begged to play Lu, my much-ignored guitar. Since I couldn’t think of a good reason why he couldn’t play it, I acquiesced. He spent the next forty-five minutes playing his song. Some of the lyrics included:
First I got myself an electric guitar, and then I made a sandwich. P-U what’s that horrible smell? Ha ha ha ha ha I am like a baby. Auntie stinks like a rotten crab, she stinks, she stinks, she stinks.

I think part of it is ripped off from a Spongebob Squarepants song.

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  1. david 13.Jun.10 at 7:49 am

    Rock and roll babysitting.


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