I’m calling bullshit on Bret Michaels’ recent health problems. I’m not buying it. I have no doubt that he was ill and had some sort of brain trauma, but the seriousness of it had to have been grossly dramatized for maximum publicity effect.

Something smells fishy.

Now, admittedly, I got my medical degree from Speculation U, but things just aren’t adding up here. How you can go from having a brain hemorrhage, a “warning stroke,” and a hole in your heart one week and then be on every single talkshow on the planet the a few weeks later.

And not just every single talkshow but also American Idol, oh yeah and then kicking off a summer concert tour in Biloxi, MS. Yes, he was back on stage performing a little more than five weeks after suffering from a brain hemorrhage. The type of hemorrhage that kills 20% of people who suffer from it (according to People Magazine). So is Bret, who has suffered from diabetes most of his life, some sort of superhuman?

I’m not saying he faked it. That’d be totally macabre and I like to believe no human alive would be that desperate for the spotlight. I’m just saying that the timing for a deathbed comeback was kind of fortuitous. Was it not? Plus, what great promotion for Snapple, Donald Trump, The Apprentice, American Idol, and the VH-1 reality show about Bret’s life. Money cannot buy this kind of media blitz.

Usually I’m pretty skeptical in general and tend to think everything I see and read is either some sort of marketing ploy or a public relations push. I just don’t believe anything I read (or hear) in the media. But this one I fell for.


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  1. Bonny 01.Jun.10 at 9:58 am

    I find it strange that he looks so completely healthy.


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