I haven’t even finished the book & I already learned some math

Instead of thrilling you with tall tales from crankdom, I am going to share something very special with you. It’s something I should have shared a long, long time ago (and in the world of Internet apparently April 13 is a long, long time ago, but maybe it just feels that way to me). For some reason I forgot about the embed powers of YouTube until right now.

It’s a book trailer. This is special for two reasons. 1.) It’s the first and only book trailer I’ve ever actually watched. I usually avoid them. In fact, I try to avoid all kinds of marketing/publicity around books that I plan on reading. It makes me feel untainted 2.) My friend Steve made the trailer for his novel |-1| (which means The Absolute Value of Negative One, and is some sort of math nonsense I either never learned or promptly forgot and reminds me I should ask Steve, who can be a bit of style freak (really you should ask him about blond vs. blonde) how one should refer to his novel — as |-1| or as The Absolute Value of -1?).

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  1. david 22.Apr.10 at 2:52 pm

    I agree with you about book trailers, I avoid them at all costs (though sometimes I do watch them after I have read the book).


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