My 2009 Christmas Wish for You, Darling Ones

This is a picture of the beautiful, letterpressed Christmas cards I ordered on Etsy (and the White Violin from The Umbrella Academy, she lives on the window sill). This is also a picture I took roughly 20 minutes ago after having cracked the seal on these beautiful Christmas cards that were not sent out. Maybe next year.

This is my wish for you, darling ones, a life so full that you run out of time to send out Christmas cards. Along with that, I wish you the confidence and sense of self-worth not to feel guilty about not sending out those cards.

I also wish you family gatherings filled with so much laughter that your cousin Billy makes wine come out of Sister #2’s nose. I hope you are surrounded with people who laugh so much so long and so loud that you can even hear it in the garage.

I also wish for you one person who will change out of their pajamas for you, a year full of serendipity, and a source of comfort.

Merry Christmas, darling ones.

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  1. Alison 30.Dec.09 at 7:17 am

    Simple and sweet and all I, for one, could want on Christmas. Thank you.


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