Not really resisting the urge

Ever since Dawson’s Creek: The Complete Series came to Supergenius HQ I’ve had to resist, with every fiber of my being, the urge to create Tumblrs and Twitter accounts for all the characters and tweet each episode like some kind of deranged uber fan.

I fully realize that the fact that I even have to resist such an urge probably puts me in a sort of fan category I’m not comfortable with.

Let me tell you, all this resisting is difficult. Especially tonight because this is the episode where everyone ALMOST does it. So while I resist in real life, my brain tweets away.

@joeypotter: OMG. Jack just spilled a milkshake on my assignment for life drawing. He’s lucky he’s so cute.
@dawsonleery: Sex DOES NOT equal romance, fucking heathens. #iamnotaprudeoravirgin
@jenlindley: @abbymorgan might be a total bitch but she can act the hell out of @dawsonleery’s shitty movie.
@paceywitter: Renting a room at a bed&breakfast and then I’m gonna get lucky.
@jackmcphee: talking about art makes me lose my erection, or it might be because I like guys. Oops, sorry @joeypotter.

For Christmas, I’m asking for help.

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  1. Andrew Lightheart @alightheart 29.Nov.09 at 6:56 am


    Series I totally have the box set for that I want to do this with:

    The West Wing.
    Freaks and Geeks.
    Grey’s Anatomy.
    Brothers and Sisters.

    You could *so* use loads of medical terms in the Grey’s Anatomy one, and all those political committee acronyms in The West Wing.

    Oh, and the Mandarin in Serenity.

    Stop me.



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