I was an evil spirit ninja & other confessions from a busy writer

  • My writing class ended with a whimper last night. It was the first class I’ve taken since 2003 that didn’t involve at least one post-class, trip to Grumpy’s featuring tator tots and beer and book talk. I am tres disappointed. Boo!
  • The Tibbles are outside playing four square with Jaycie & Man. There are some draconian rules in that game involving whining, crying, and pouting. I may have to go outside and teach them a thing or two about four square. I think it was the only game I was ever any good at on the playground. I was an evil spirit ninja.
  • I got some swanky green-green-super-green-green pajama pants and a new hoodie in the mail today. I told the kidlings it was my new work uniform. They were not nearly as amused by it as I was.
  • Liam is currently walking around the coffee table drinking all the leftover orange juice from breakfast and arguing with me that the Gene Wilder Willy Wonka is actually the new one since he didn’t get that DVD until way after the Johnny Depp Willy Wonka.
  • Rats, now they’re all in here watching TV.
  • I have two slumber parties to attend this weekend. Expect drunken posting and/or twittering. You hvve been warned.
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