A fallen idol

Last night at Rock & Roll Bookclub, I was talking to Jaycie about her recent trip to Florida, all the babysitting money she has ($65!), and how she scored tickets for the upcoming JoBros concert (very exciting). As we were discussing all the things she loves, I asked her if she was going to checkout the upcoming Hannah Montana movie.

“No,” she looked down and shook her head. “I’m not going to spend any more of my money on Hannah Montana.”
“Why not?” I was astonished. On the Official List of People Jaycie Adores, Hannah Montana came in at #2 right in between the Dixie Chicks and whomever it is that wrote all the Nancy Drew books.
“I don’t spend my money on people who make racist jokes,” Jaycie said.
I looked over at Sister #2 stunned.
“It’s not just that she did something stupid,” Sister #2 said. “It’s that she handled it so poorly, whining about the press picking on her. She should have just apologized.”

Later on in the night, Sister #2 compared the Miley Cyrus racisim talk as bad as the time she told Max he couldn’t join Boy Scouts because of their stance on homosexual troop leaders.

It’s funny she brought that up, because a couple weeks ago Max was telling me about Jacob or Dylan or some other kid in his class (who are all named Jacob or Dylan, I swear) who is Boy Scouts.
“His parents must not know about Boy Scouts,” Max said. “Because Jacob (or Dylan) is really cool and he’d never be in there if he knew about them.”

So proud.

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  1. david 29.Mar.09 at 9:44 am

    This is the kind of story that makes me wish I had kids.

  2. Jodi 29.Mar.09 at 9:46 am

    Me too.

  3. NBFB 30.Mar.09 at 11:17 am

    I’m really torn up over the boy scouts. There’s so much good stuff to be learned there. And then there’s the homophobic part. It makes me sad.


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