Saving it up

Things have been a bit quiet here this week. That’s because I am saving it all up from tomorrow. See, tomorrow is our big Website Challenge event. It’s where we get 120 nerds in a room to build website for Minnesota nonprofits in 24 hours.


I’ll be blogging for The Nerdery for the next 24 or so hours. If’n you’re missing me, you can find me over there*.

*I’m purposely not linking to my work blog. I am not exactly sure why yet. I guess I haven’t come up with a policy on how closely I want to blend my personal and professional blog. It’s more of an internal argument than anything else. Everyone at work knows about I Will Dare and everyone here knows that I blog for a living. It’s weird. Someday I’ll figure it out. Until then, you’ll just have to set to Googling if you want to see what I get paid to do.

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