2009 we welcome you with peanut-butter stained pajamas and fuzzy cats

I tried roughly eleventeen times yesterday to come up with some fitting words to close out 2008. I had nothing. 2008 was a year that defied summation. Maybe all years should defy summation. It probably means you are doing something right if you pack so much into twelve months that you can’t even begin to tell someone about it. Sort of like a good story.

And now here we are in 2009. So far it has been glorious — sitting in the La-Z-Grrl, Madison curled up against my pajama-clad leg, warm coffee, loud rock and roll, and When Harry Met Sally on mute.

I kind of love the start of a new year. It’s like a blank page filled with that delectable mix of excitement at all that unexplored potential and absolute paralyzing fear at all that space to fill.

Here’s to a 2009 that blows our fucking minds.

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