Two tales to renew your faith in humanity

Ruby & I took a little slide into the ditch on our way to The Nerdery this morning. It wasn’t dramatic. There was no median jumping, no careening into oncoming traffic, no landing on our side on a hill. It was a just a fishtail and a slow slide into a snowbank on the side of the road.

Before I had time to cry or freakout or call for help, there were two men outside of Ruby. They pushed us out and I was on my merry way. My merry way being the very next exit and then back to Supergenius HQ.

As I was walking into the grocery store last night, I watched a little girl give the Salvation Army bellringer a cup of hot cocoa.
“It’s exactly what I needed,” the bellringer said.
The mother pointed at the little girl. “She asked if we could get it for you because it’s so cold.”

The scene was so touching and sweet that I thought about bursting into tears from the wonder and simplicity of such kindness, but realized I was already crying beause it was -6 degrees outside.

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