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I’ve had a problem, oh my entire life, with being incredibly scattered. I have a tough time focusing. Once I do focus however, I’m golden. This problem is in everything I do. I’m kind of OCD. Like I’ll dilly dally and fart around about writing a short story, but once I start I won’t budge until it’s done. It’s the same way with everything I write — from blog posts to grill cleaning guides (it was a freelance job). I do it with Web “design” (in quotes because I am not a designer) and most any other project (for instance I spent four hours last night cleaning off and organizing all the files on my passport drive).

This week has been extra-special tough when it comes to trying to focus. There’s been some low-lying cranky in the house and a lot of general unrest. I am not sure how the week got off the rails but it did and here it is Friday and I haven’t done dick. DICK!

So today as I was chatting with Sister #2 about how it is very clear to me that Ellen DeGeneres loves her and books her show solely to make her happy (Michelle Obama, JoBros, LL Cool J, members of the 90210 cast) I remembered my old friend Now Do This.

Sure it’s just a fancy schmancy to do list. But I love it. You aren’t overwhelmed by the endless list of tasks, plus it’s fun. And because I am all about full-disclosure here is my Now Do This list for the day:

  • write on about making this list
  • respond to e-mail
  • workout
  • Shower
  • chris mars piece for
  • Apply for jobs
  • write book reviews
  • work on Sell Sheet for Craig
  • Do whatever you want
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  1. Peabo 12.Sep.08 at 11:35 am

    You’re the second person today that has introduced me to a totally kick ass website that I was unfamiliar with before. I *heart* both of you for doing this. Now I’m going to go copy you and make my own list.

  2. zinger 13.Sep.08 at 3:56 pm

    you seem to be very cool Jodi! and good people


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