Has marriage ever solved a problem?

To say that I’ve been obsessed with Sarah Palin is the kind of understatement that, well, there are no metaphors for. You should consider yourself lucky if you have not had to spend any time in conversation with me since McCain’s VP announcement Friday. If you wonder what I’ve been like, just go take a listen to this week’s Oxidize podcast.

And if you don’t want to listen I’ll tell you that I think McCain picked Palin when that whole Hillary supporters who can’t back Barack story broke. This is McCain’s attempt to woo women and the hard right at the same time! It’s like a BOGO or something.

Of the many, many things we are learning about Ms. Palin, the most surprising is that her seventeen-year-old daughter is pregnant. And, can I just say, my ass that McCain knew Bristol Palin was pregnant when he chose Sarah as the VP candidate. Nice try on that one Johnny.

But here’s what’s driving me so goddamn nuts about the Bristol Palin pregnancy debacle (and you should be surprised that it’s not my crushing disappointment to learn that Sarah Palin is really Trig Palin’s mom, because I really loved that story), it’s that every report states that she does plan on marrying the baby’s father.

It’s as though the only thing that could make this whole situation worse is if Bristol Palin didn’t marry her baby’s daddy. The only thing sadder than a pregnant seventeen-year-old girl is an unmarried, pregnant seventeen-year-old girl. Are you kidding me?

I love that there are still sectors of this country that think marriage is the panacea. Because now that she’s gonna get married all her problems are over. Phew, I am so glad she dodged that bullet.

Be thankful that I still haven’t found the ability to talk about the irony of Palin and McCain’s positions on sex education and women’s reproductive rights without my head exploding. This RNC just might give me a heart attack yet.

While last week’s DNC had me all weepy with hope and civic pride, I am sure this week’s RNC is going to give me chest pains and aneurysms.

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  1. Bill Roehl 02.Sep.08 at 5:59 pm

    I think it’s atrocious that this young girl is being forced into a premature and unnecessary marriage so that her mother can save face with the evangelicals.

    Nothing like selling our your own flesh and blood to attempt to secure political success.

  2. Jodi 02.Sep.08 at 6:05 pm

    I hear ya! AND MAYBE, just maybe, this might prove to Palin, McCain and their supporters that teaching teenagers abstinence instead of educating them about safe sex practices and birth control isn’t the smartest move on earth.

  3. Calli 03.Sep.08 at 9:19 am

    Their vetting of her was so pathetic. I can’t wait to see what other shit will be hitting the fan.

  4. Tam 05.Sep.08 at 3:51 pm

    You said everything I wanted to say, perfectly. Thank you.


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