the whyness of it all

first of all, only 22 more weeks.

second of all, i’m becoming increasingly addicted to on the media. it’s all part of my weekly sunday NPRathon. this week was especially good because they were talking about Norma Khouri. for those who have no idea who Norma Khouri is, you can go read all about it in the Moorish Girl’s Khouri Report. yeah, so the short story is Khouri is this woman who wrote a memoir about how her jordanian best friend was killed by her father for falling in love with a christian soldier. the only thing is that Khouri totally made it all up. it’s an odd combination of Plain Layne or Kaycee Nicole type hoaxes mixed with the audacity of Stephen Glass or Jayson Blair.

i don’t know what it is about these kinds of stories that attract me so. i was, at some point in time, totally hooked on each of these stories. i would spend countless hours reading most everything i could find out. i even wrote a semi-coherent (but not really) rant about it once. it’s just something about these stories. maybe i just want to know what kind of person it is that can be so full of themeselves, so sure that they can pull off this elaborate hoax and not worry about it. or maybe they do worry about it and still go through with it anyway, but why? perhaps it’s just the whyness of it all that i want to get at. this is my survivor, my amazing race, my big brother, this is my bad, bad tv that i can’t seem to get enough of.

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  1. dweebie 16.Aug.04 at 9:54 am

    One of the best ways for me to relax is to play spider solitaire, it used to be free cell, and listen to NPR. Yesterday I really enjoyed hearing about the Chinese basketball player, Yao Ming,’s translator, and about the adult woman with autism/aspberger’s syndrome who became humanized after communing with the apes at the zoo.

    It seems that pulling the wool over a large group of peoples’ eyes would empower the writer, but it really is cruelly cheating and betraying others’ trust and ompassion. maybe those folks want success at any price or felt they weren’t adequately recognized for their own unique abilities.

    Oh, as an aside, I also heard a commentator describing 6’2″ Julia Child complaining about elbowing out male drag queens for the large dresses at sales. I never realized she was that tall, she surely was beloved. take care Jodi.