A good use of $1.21

School supplies are on sale at Target. I spent $1.21 on five notebooks and three boxes of crayons. This morning I gave each of the Tibbles a notebook in their signature color (Nolan=Green, Cade=Red, and Liam=Blue) and their very own box of crayons.

As I type all three of them are bellydown on the livingroom floor with their notebooks. They are only using black, green, and red crayons, because I gave them the brilliant idea of drawing The Joker. However, Cade is using the purple because he had to color in the The Joker’s suit. I’ve also convinced them that Prince’s song “Partyman” is actually sung by The Joker. Someday I will use my power for good, but probably not today.

The best part is that Liam is having a hard time deciding if he should finish drawing The Joker or dance, so about every 45 seconds he has to get up, shake his butt, and wave his arms with the red crayon still clutched in his hands. Then he flops back down to the floor to color a few lines, and then right back up to the dancing again.

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