Typing at the Coffee Shop part II

I got here a little bit earlier than the rest of the posse so I could spend a little bit of time Writing with a capital W. However, I cannot write because I am too busy listening to the people behind me talking about investors and real estate. Right now the dude of the duo is going on and on about his site being hacked and how Google was telling everyone that his site was malicious. Also, he said he makes something like $50 million a year. He is wearing a baseball cap. She is wearing a brown jean jacket with sparkly bits bedazzled onto it. He is showing her some sort of HTML code that had to be replaced so that his site would no long be malicious.

How can one possibly write when this is going on next to them?

I wish I could hear the two women sitting in the leather chairs behind me. I am betting their conversation is way more interesting and personal than the Investors. But the baseball-capped investor’s voice drowns out the softer tones of the women. Occasionally I hear the word Walmart coming from the leather enclave.

Oh, now the Investors are talking about writing stuff and “understanding the mentality of these guys.” He’s talking about writing little articles to get these guys excited. I can’t figure out who these guys are. Apparently they are guys who need to take steps to successful. Oh they are talking about educational and informational blogs and linking to other blogs.

He advises that she should update her blog once a week. He advises that of all his writers.

Sadly, my posse has begun to arrive and the time to gossip and talk about how I’m still not looking for a job has come.

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  • shokkou

    29.Apr.08 at 11:21 am

    Since he wasn’t trying to keep his bidness to himself maybe you should have just interrupted with an “Excuse me, but I’m a writer out of work and it sounds like you are just the mover/shaker I need to work for!” and got yourself a piece o’ that 50Mil annual. :o)


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