The Batman place, a brief talk with Nolan, age 4, who thought up this title & picked this picture

Behind the bat wing, he is saying cheese

What are you doing? Liam asks.
Nolan is going to blog, I say. What do you want to tell people Nolan?
Be nice to Jaycie, he says. Be nice to Maxwell.
What are you doing today? I ask.
Ahh, we’re gonna fly kites and stuff, and have ice cream. First we are gonna fly kites.
What are you doing with Aunt Jodi today?
Nothing, he says.
Why not, I ask.
Because we don’t like doing nothing with you.
Because my socks are falling off.
You don’t have any fun at Aunt Jodi’s house?
Yeah, he says. We do, but you don’t have no bikes and no kites.
Do I have any fun toys? I ask.
Yeah, not bad toys but Batman toys. I want some Batman toys and Cade wants Superman toys and Liam wants Spiderman toys.
Is there anything you want to tell the Internet?
Play with monster trucks, he says.
Why don’t you tell them something about you? I ask.
I like Batman. Because Batman is fun to play with.
Who is better Batman or Superman?
Uh, Batman. Because Batman is my favorite person, he flies with no plane. You’re a big liar.
I’m a big liar, I ask.
Yeah, I saw Batman fly with no plane or no spaceship and he said ‘I’m not stinky. Superman is stinky.’
No, I say. Batman is stinky.
No! he lunges for me and puts his hand over my mouth. Cover your mouth.

Now he sits in my lap and snaps his fingers in my ear (which he learned to do yesterday, thanks Grandpa).
That’s enough beatnik, I say.
That’s enough beatnik, he says. okay, let’s type one more. Okay? One more. Let’s type ‘be nice to Madison.’

Liam who is sitting on my other side, slides off my lap.
“Jodi, Jodi why did I fall?”
“Gravity took you down,” i say.
“Gravity always takes me down.”

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  1. Wendy 16.Apr.08 at 11:17 am

    Oh no. Your blogging nephews kill me with preciousness.

  2. UH 17.Apr.08 at 1:39 pm

    Gravity is just like The Man, always keeping us down.


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